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Kung Fu is a spiritual art, which a common human cannot learn without the years of practice under a proper Master.

Our goal is to build Confidence, Leadership, Respect, Focus, and Self-Discipline in our students.

In Our Studio, we have been dedicated to forming Strong, Confident, and Successful Black Belts leaders.


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Kunfu Training

Kung fu is a Chinese martial arts, also referred to by the Mandarin Chinese term wushu and popularly as Kung fu, are a number of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. These fighting styles are often classified according to common traits, identified as “families“, “sects“ or “schools“ of martial arts. Examples of such traits include physical exercises involving animal mimicry, or training methods inspired by Chinese philosophies, religions and legends. Various martial arts including Kung Fu were influenced by Indian martial art which was brought over along with Buddhism.
Kung fu is practiced for its health benefits, including a means for dealing with tension and stress. Among the martial arts, there are two basic types: the hard martial arts and the soft martial arts. The latter are also called internal arts. Examples of the hard martial arts are karate and kung fu (wushu). Examples of the soft martial arts are bagua and tai chi.
Styles which focus on Qi (Chi) energy manipulation are labeled as internal, while others concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness and are labeled external. Geographical association, as in northern and southern, is another popular method of categorization.
We offer an exciting, high energy, and positive environment for you and your child to learn the martial arts. Our certified Black Belt Kung Fu instructors are committed to bringing out the best in you or your child and helping them to develop and perfect their martial arts skills.